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Ceramic Decals

Siak Transfers Limited are the UK's leading supplier of high quality screen printed ceramic decals.

Ceramic Decals (lithographs or transfers) are used to apply printed design to ceramic objects - Tableware, Hotelware, Tiles, Ornaments, Plaques and Sanitaryware. Decals are printed onto a gum or wax coated paper. The image is coated in a protective layer that facilitates its transfer to the desired object.


Bone China, Porcelain, Stoneware and Earthenware pieces are generally decorated with onglaze and inglaze decals. Onglaze decals are applied to the ceramic objects glazed surface. When the piece is fired, the colours fuse onto the glaze and the decoration becomes durable. Inglaze decals are applied to a glazed surface but fired to a higher temperature that allows the decal to sink into the glaze giving greater durability.

Precious metals and ceramic metallics

For your premium products a full range of precious metals are available including bright, matt and burnished golds or platinum pastes. An alternative to these may be metallic effects which are a more cost effective option. Coloured lustres give a metallic iridescent look to wares.


Logos for branding are applied to powder glazed toilets, sinks and bidets. Alternatively, onglaze decals can be used to decorate cisterns or washbasins with intricate designs.


Due to the durability required in the hotel industry, decals are sometimes produced using underglaze ink systems. The decal is applied to the biscuit and glazed on a second cycle thus completely sealing the decoration and giving 100% durability.

Ceramic relief

Relief pastes give an object a tactile feel. The technique is also used as an alternative to creating intricate ceramic moulds.

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