Glass Decals

SIAK Transfers are the UK's leading supplier of high quality screen printed glass decals.The world's most famous brands trust SIAK to produce decoration for their products. Fragrance flacons, spirit bottles and candle vessels are decorated with ease. SIAK produce glass decals using both ceramic and organic ink sytems. Decals are transferred to the glass either manually or by machine using heat transfer technology. 

Glass enamels

Glass enamels give glass transfers a rich and lustrous appearance. The mechanical resistance provided by the fired glass decal will ensure that the design retains its quality appearance for a long time as the inks bond to the glass. Vivid colours and multiple effects can be achieved and applied easily by hand or heat release transfer methods.

Low temperature decals

Organic low temperature decals can be applied to virtually any substrate. Glass, ceramics, enamels and metals are easily decorated and cured at 150-200 degrees. When the substrate is temperature sensitive an alternative room temperature curing varnish can be used.

Low temperature precious metal

Our new low temperature foil effect decals provide the ideal low-cost alternative to precious metals. Even edges and curves can be decorated with high build gold areas.

Heat release decals

Theoretical infinite colours transferred in one application. Complex curves and recesses can be printed when decoration by other means is impossible. The heat release glass decal utilizes technology similar to that of the pad printing process to decorate areas that no other process can.

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